12 Homeowner Discounts That Can Save You Money Today

  by Maddi Butler 

For many of us, a home is one of the most expensive things we’ll ever buy. Maintenance costs are another thing that make owning a home so expensive. However, many homeowners could be saving money on home-related expenses—they just don’t know where to find out about these discounts and savings hacks.

We put this list together so all homeowners can use these tips to save money on the things they’re already paying for. Here are 12 easy ways to save on home expenses.

1. Save Up to $42,000 on Your Mortgage

2. Cut Down Your Heating Bill This Winter

3. Protect Your Home And Your Wallet

4. Reduce Your Debt, Simplify Your Finances

5. Save Money And Time Buying Life Insurance

6. Cover Costly Repairs With A Home Warranty

7. Go Solar And Save By Increasing Energy Independence

8. You Could Qualify For This Cash Out Program In 60 Seconds

9. Save Money On Luxury Home Upgrades

10. Save On HVAC Maintenance This Winter

11. Collect The “Federal Rent Checks” You’re Entitled To

12. Save Money On The Most Important Thing Homeowners Need


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